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Update re my cousin

My cousin is doing much better. She had her court date on Thursday, which also happened to be my birthday, and the case was dismissed. She didn't have to pay court costs either! I think she's feeling a lot better about herself, and her health is better as well. Her last visit to the hospital, when she was hospitalized for blood loss, really frightened her. Her blood pressure was very low too, which is probably the majority of the reason behind why she seemed to be so not herself. Oops, I hope that makes sense! She just didn't have much energy, so wasn't even up to emailing me, much less talking on the phone. I read that as a depression, but it was actual physical illness. Well, maybe some depression too. So glad that she's doing better today.

This and that ... a hodge podge!

I've been getting home visits from a nurse, treating the diabetic ulcers on my legs. It is just taking so long for them to heal - first one leg will heal up, then the other, then both will open up again. It is frustrating! The nurse comes three times a week, has been since the week after the 4th of July. The left leg is healing up, but not so much the right leg. Although today he said that it was looking better actually, and he didn't bandage it as much as he had been (I've had the other leg open to the air for the past week, and maybe that has helped the healing.).

My cousin that I am closest to seems to be having problems with depression. She was hospitalized earlier this year with heart problems; she has a-fib (atrial fibulation, I think?) and was really pretty bad off for a while there, but is home after a second bout with the heart problems, and taking meds so that she can have a procedure which is supposed to get her heart back in rhythm. After she was released from the hospital, her husband would NOT let her drive anywhere - and she was feeling very constricted by that. Finally, she got her doctor to tell her husband that she was okay to drive by herself, and he (somewhat reluctantly) let her have the wheel back. A month or two later, however, she was in an accident, one car (hers) where she ran into a telephone pole. I looked at the intersection (a T-type intersection); I don't know what happened, she still hasn't told me, but my Dad said she told him that she swerved to miss an animal and that was how she hit the phone pole. Anyway, she refused transport to a hospital, but was still bruised and shaken up (must have been more than a bit bruised, because she & her husband had to bandage her. Fortunately for them, they ran an ambulance service for a while in the 80s and 90s, so knew some techniques and treatment procedures). She has NOT driven since the accident, and isn't looking to get a new car any time soon! This to me says that she is in a tailspin now; this is just not her. She was really chaffed when her husband was driving her all over the place, not letting her have any time to herself, but now ... well, there he is, being her chauffeur which he probably enjoys but she should be feeling over-protected, but she isn't! I don't know how to help her - she's on the east coast and I'm in New Mexico. I called her yesterday morning, she didn't sound like her usual self either. We usually email each other almost every day, but the past couple of months, sometimes 3-4 days will go by with no mails from her. :( That's why I've started calling. She says that she is having problems with her email program, or that her computer is giving her problems, but in the past few days, she told me that she was going to stop going online, because it just wasn't her thing. If anyone has any ideas how I could try to help, please share them with me; any and all assistance is appreciated!

My Grandmammy

My maternal grandmother, who is pictured with me in my current profile picture, was probably the person I was the closest to as a child - yes, even closer than to my parents. I was the first grandchild, and my mother's parents cared for me a good deal during the first three years of my life. My parent were young and just starting out; the first home was heated by coal and most of the time wasn't quite warm enough. I would spend part of the week with my grandparents, who had two sons who were still at home (in high school and grammar school), then the rest of the week with my parents at their home. My memories of this are very vague now; I do know from my baby book that I was probably spoiled a lot. At just over 2 years, I only said "Hi, boy, and bye," probably because all I needed to do was to point at something and it was given to me. I also had some speech problems/impediments. I called my grandmother "bammammy" because I had trouble pronouncing the G sound, which many decades later, my son would have the same problem!

Even after my brothers were born, our grandmother showed I guess a favoritism towards me. And as I got older I probably went right along with it; I guess which child wouldn't like to be treated like a royal princess? If my parents denied me anything, I'd just tell my grandmother what I wanted. Awful, I know. I don't recall her being mean to my brothers or even me getting preferential-type treatment, but I suppose that is what happened. When I was 3, my parents moved about 1500 miles away, so then we didn't see the grandparents except for once or twice a year. When I was 11, however, we moved back and in fact lived with the maternal grandparents for a few months until we got our own home. By then, there were two more brothers and I as the oldest did take care of the younger ones from time to time. In fact, our Mom flew the two youngest and me to stay with our grandparents, then she flew back to Michigan and came later with our Dad and my two other brothers, and all our stuff. So again, Grandmammy was able to dote on me, but I remember her being just as caring for my two youngest brothers as well.

My grandmother passed away when I was 15 and in 10th grade. I remember her visiting with us at Christmas in 1967 and even coming down in January, but she was gone by the beginning of March 1968. It was cancer, and very quick. I did not get a chance to see her, but according to my parents, once she was in the hospital and on pain medication, she sometimes didn't know who they were. I did go to her funeral, and my aunt, who was a hairdresser, was the one who fixed her hair (her daughter-in-law), she did look nice. I still think of my grandmother, and from time to time I even say things that I knew she would have said. She also had this funny thing that she would do if she disapproved of something - she would shift her feet on the floor! And give a look that you just knew ... I think she also wore shoes that were too small for her, because her feet were almost always hurting! I used to give her foot massages.

Guess I just got to thinking of her today ...

Back to LJ?

I'm going to try to keep up with a blog again. It will hopefully help me to keep my mind working. I've got several things going on right now, one of them is being treated for sores on my legs (in the shin area) that just won't heal up. Wound care comes to me, three times a week; hopefully we can get them cleared up. I'm still having a good bit of pain associated with them. Unfortunately.

I also have been doing a bit of work on family genealogy. I found out that you can access Ancestry.com through the Library for free. Whew! The only thing is that you do have to go to the library to use the computers there, but they have a room just for genealogy, and reference librarians there to help you if you need assistance. I am excited to be able to finally have time to do this research, but have to get to the Library to do it. *laughs* Can't have everything ... or I could have it, but I'd have to pay for it. I don't really want to pay them. Some of the work has already been done! In fact, my cousin (mother's brother's son) was working on it in 2012, and did a good bit of work on my mother's (his father's) side, including some for my Dad's side. My Dad's parents came from fairly large families - 10 and 12 children! One of my Dad's brothers has a family history that goes back to the 1630s (I think), Jamestown Virginia, two brother who came over as indentured servants. He wrote it up, and I had a copy of it, but don't have that any more. *very sad face* All of my Aunts and Uncles on Dad's side are gone now; he's the only one left. Dad is doing well, though, and will in fact be 85 in September! So yay for that. I need to get him to talking about what he remembers, though. *laughs*

Well, here's hoping that I'm able to keep this thing going!

Dream dream dream....

It has been forever since I made a post, and frankly I'm only posting this one today because it's still fresh in my mind. And in all honesty, it's fading fast!

I took a little nap this afternoon, with the tv on in my bedroom (background noise does not bother me). I was having one of those disjointed dreams that was all over the place and nothing seemed to make any sense, until all of a sudden, there was Robert Redford. OH MY GOD! And he was flirting with me, and then coming on to me, and finally he was getting ready to KISS ME, when all of a sudden, I hear the voice of one of the news reporters on the local tv station, doing a news report. GAH!!! Robert Redford, how could they interrupt Robert Redford?! And it was him in the guise of the character Hubbell Gardiner from "The Way we Were," too - mind you, I think Redford still looks pretty damn good today, but in the 70s, he was smoking hot.

I will never be able to look at that news reporter in the same way again. I think I sat there on my bed for close to five minutes, just shaking my head and thinking of what could have been ... in my dreams. LOL

Tasty summer-time treat

I have started making iced coffee from the coffee leftover in the morning. I add a bit of cocoa to the coffee ground when I brew it, so it has a mocha taste to it. Then I just pour it in a cup, add cream and my splenda, and set it in the freezer for a while.

Tonight's version had been left in the freezer overnight, then put in the fridge to thaw. Oh my gosh, this stuff is heavenly! I'm having to eat it with a spoon, it's still pretty frozen; I think I prefer it this way, it's like having a dessert, actually. *laughs* Normally, though, I just drink it and it's very frosty.

Highly recommended! :)

Mother's Day 2012

This is the 9th Mother's Day without my Mom - I miss her so much. I sometimes even still want to call her and talk to her. Of course she lives on in my memory, as well as in the memories of my brothers and my children. And I think her soul lives on in the ethers, and watches out for us. So I would just like to say a Happy Mother's Day to her; I hope that she is happy and hopefully feeding biscuits to her favorite pups. *laughs*

Changes ... changes

Been a while since I posted, and boy have there been a lot of changes in my life.

I was supposed to have cataract surgery on my right eye (had the left one done in late Nov.) on Mon., May 16. Kaiser wouldn't do the surgery, however, because my pulse oxygen levels were hovering in the low 80s, which is not good at all. I had to have oxygen at home, which they wouldn't let me leave until an oxygen delivery had been scheduled for that evening. The next day, I had to return to Pulmonology, and they ended up sending me to the ER @ Washington Hospital Center, which landed me in the hospital for 6 days!! I'm on Oxygen 24/7, I'm also waiting to get a bi-pap machine for sleep apnea. And I have two new inhalers and a nebulizer.

All of this set into motion my retirement - yes, I've retired after 34 years of govt. service. I just couldn't see how I could work and be on oxygen, not to mention getting to and from work, carrying an oxygen tank or having an oxygenator at work. So, retirement became effective on 5/31/2011, almost 34 years - my anniversary would have been 6/6! I also ended up moving from the Washington DC area to Albuquerque, New Mexico!! It is taking me a while to get adjusted to the altitude, but the weather here is great - the heat is indeed very dry!! You must put on lots and lots of lotion here!

At any rate, that is what is going on with me. I don't have much internet access right now - none in fact, except through the office at my apt. complex or at the Library (which is where I am now). I'll be checking in when I can, for now, until my PC comes and I get hooked up again. Crossing fingers and knocking on wood three times. LOL

Anyone ever used "Sensa" for weight loss?

I was awakened by an infomercial for a weight loss product called Sensa the other night/morning, about 4 AM. It's something like a condiment tnat you sprinkle on food before eating; it supposedly makes you feel full or fuller that you really are (it possibly tricks your brain into thinking that you're full/fuller? something along those lines...). I realize this is a -very- long shot, but has anyone ever tried it? If so, did it work for you? Would you recommend it to anyone else? If not, do you have any reasons as to why? I figure that if it really -did- work, people would be falling all over themselves to buy it, and it would be common knowledge (and likely cost what diamonds and gold do ...!)

Hoping to get some actual feed back here, please help out, if you can!!! Thanks

First "grown-up" movies

There are a few movies I can remember seeing as a child that were not kid movies and I really enjoyed watching them. I remember my Dad takingg me to see Gone with the Wind when I was 8 or so although I don't recall much about the movie - that was a pretty long film for an 8 year old!

When I was 10, though, I think my parents decided that it was okay for me to watch a more "grown-up" sort of movie, and they in fact took me to see an Elvis Presley picture. Mind you, I wasn't an Elvis fan or anything but it was sure different from those Disney cartoons! They also took my brothers and I to see "Phantom of the Opera," with Herbert Lom--boy, did that movie scare me! I couldn't sleep for a while and ended up having to say the 23rd Psalm every night at bed time. All I can say is ... never look at that Phantom's eye!!

In 1963, my mother's youngest brother, who is only 9 years older than I, got married, and he and my Aunt invited me to be in their wedding. I was very excited about this; getting to be a junior bridesmaid; I had my own dress made up, down to 3/4 length sleeves, in aqua blue. At any rate, I hung out with my Uncle and Aunt a lot that summer, and one movie that they took me to see was Bye Bye Birdie.

I absolutely -loved- the show! To this day, it holds a special place in my heart and I try to catch it whenever it's on. I saw most of it on TCM this past Sunday, as part of the Essentials Junior series. Still love it, all these years later. I did see the one with Jason Alexander that was done in the 90s, and enjoyed it, but not as much as the original movie. :)